SIGN-O-BIKE (Voted  1st Place Most Innovative in the 2012)
The Bicycle Buddy!
Ride with added safety... day or night... dawn till dusk!



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» Sign-O-Bike - Illuminated reflective safety belt flashes EL POWERED LIGHTS of LEFT & RIGHT arrows as rider turn, notifying automobile divers of their intentions. (EL Electroluminescent Lights)
» Sign-O-Bike - Visible from approximately 200-300 feet, the shield secured on rider's rear mid-section facing outward from lower back pointing to the turning direction. 
» Sign-O-Bike - The reflective shield provides riders with added security and visibility during any ride day or night.
» Sign-O-Bike - Equipped with EL lights lifespan of over 9,000 hours (3-4 years), powered by AAA batteries with "on and off" switch positions.
» Sign-O-Bike - Reflective belt is adjustable to fit waist sizes from 26 to 48 inches.
» Sign-O-Bike - Belt is also water-resistant.
» Sign-O-Bike - Designed with the latest technology in EL lighting and safety features providing riders with the benefit of distance visibility.
» Sign-O-Bike - Great and highly recommended for bicycle riding from dusk until dawn and seen by automobile drivers from a distance.
» Sign-O-Bike - Absolutely the MUST have accessory for all bicyclists.

Operational Instructions: To turn on belt lights, turn the battery case switch to ON position. To turn off the belt lights, turn the switch to OFF position. While the switch is ON the back circle light will illuminate

To turn LEFT arrow on (the battery case must be on) push the on/off switch on left side.
To turn RIGHT arrow on (the battery case must be on) push the on/off switch on right side.

We provide our customers with a product that add visibility and might helps prevent accidents . 

Sign-O-Bike... Be Seen... Be Safe!

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